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How Working With a Realtor Makes Selling a House During the Pandemic Easier

Real Estate Transaction Changed when COVID 19 speaded

The traditional manner by which real estate transactions are carried out have changed dramatically since the rapid spread of COVID-19. But the good news is that the global pandemic hasn’t stopped the industry by any means. Buying and selling homes are still possible, albeit with some additional health and safety precautions required.

If you’re looking to sell your house during the pandemic, you’ll have a much easier time doing so if you work with a real estate professional. Here are four important ways that we can help you get the best returns from your home sale:

All the information that you need can be provided by your Realtor 

As experts in our trade, real estate agents help ensure that our clients make sound decisions and avoid risks throughout the entire home selling process. Realtors have access to important local market information that are essential for determining the appropriate pricing and timing for your listing. Meanwhile, our experience contributes helpful insights and advice that can guide your decision-making.

We also keep our fingers on the pulse of the local buyer’s market, so to speak. By observing and evaluating what buyers are looking for and choosing from available listings, we identify trends and behaviors that can guide how you stage and market your home.

Your agent will help you prepare and carry out a virtual home tour

Open houses and home showings via video chat are fast becoming the more practical choice for homebuyers who want to limit their face-to-face interactions. 

When you work with a Realtor, setting up these events is easier. Aside from steps like decluttering and cleaning up your living spaces, we can give you tips on how to stage different areas in your home to make them as presentable as they can be when viewed on a smartphone or computer screen.

You won’t have to worry about touring your buyers around the house either. That’s the role of your Realtor, too. We’ll take care of walking them around your property, highlighting its key features, and addressing the buyer’s questions along the way.

Real estate professionals take additional precautions for any in-person showings and meetings

If you agree to allowing serious buyers to have an in-person home viewing, we’ll make sure that it’s done safely. As with traditional home showings, you will be asked to leave the house so that we can take the buyer around your house. 

Rest assured that we practice every precaution necessary during physical home tours. We wear face masks and gloves and observe proper social distancing. In addition, we disinfect surfaces and items like door and cabinet handles, light switches, and faucets right after the tour.

Your Realtor will help manage and facilitate all your remote transactions

Like home tours, a lot of the paperwork involved in the home selling process is going the virtual route. Property sales are handled differently from one market to the next, so it pays to work with a local expert who knows and understands how these essential processes work. 

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