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Important Questions to Ask During a Virtual Home Tour

Virtual Tour in 3D and Navigable Video

Like many activities under the new normal, viewings of houses for sale in prime neighborhoods of NJ like Ewing, Lawrence, and Pennington are being conducted virtually. Today’s technology allows you to immerse yourself in properties you’re interested in—all from the comfort of your home. 

Virtual tours offer a view of every angle of the home, either through a 3D photo or a navigable video, or through a live tour with the seller via video call. While this method is a close simulation of in-person viewings, there are several details that still need clarification which a virtual tour – by itself – cannot answer. This is why you should prepare a list of basic questions to ask. Below are some of them:

What is the actual size of this room?

On video, accurate spatial awareness is impossible. That’s why it’s important to ask for a room’s specific measurement in terms of square feet for a better sense of how big the space actually is. 

Likewise, ask to see the inside of the home’s storage spaces—the depth of the closets, the height of the shelves, the number of cupboards—so you can gauge if the home’s storage capacity suits your needs.

Are there strange odors? 

Since you can’t use all five senses during the virtual tour, make sure to ask for details beyond the visual – odors, sounds, and even textures that you would normally notice during in-person viewings. Such questions include: 

  • Are any of the surfaces damaged or worn down?
  • What are the noise levels inside the home?
  • What color is that?
  • Does any part of the flooring feel soft or sunken?

What is the view like?

Have the seller or realtor open the blinds and curtains to show you what the view looks like from inside the house. This can give you an idea of the home’s surroundings, such as its aesthetic quality and level of privacy, that may not be conveyed in the listing.  

What is the condition of the appliances?

The appliances may look perfectly fine on camera, but it’s good to exercise due diligence by asking the following: 

  • How old are the appliances? 
  • Have these appliances recently undergone any repairs? Are they still under warranty? 
  • Can you show me the inside of the oven/fridge/etc.? 

Being fully aware of the condition of the appliances saves you from unexpected and costly repairs or replacements in the future. 

Did you notice any potential problem areas?

It’s the role of a home inspection to properly evaluate a property, but your realtor may be able to give insight into issues they may have noticed during the tour. Their experience with homes for sale in areas like Pennington, NJ gives them the eye for common problems like water stains, cracked walls, and faulty roofing. 

The most successful virtual tours are built on days of in-depth conversations between the buyer and their trusted realtor. We at David DePaola & Company Real Estate are committed to understanding your needs and preferences so we can give you the support you need as you look into every house for sale in Ewing, Pennington, and Lawrence, NJ. You may contact us at 609.883.4161 or reach out via email to david(at)depaola(dotted)com.