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Signs that you’ve found the right home

Family with New House

A house is a huge investment, which is why it’s normal for buyers to be overly cautious before they make any decisions. Having a good handle on what type of home you’re looking for — along with the preferences and requirements of other members of your household — is important before starting your home search.

Signs that you’ve found the right home vary depending on each individual. Some people simply rely on their gut instincts, while others might need a little more convincing.

But there are indicators that can tell you whether you’ve found the right property. Here are a few examples:

It comes up frequently when you’re doing comparisons

It’s a home you’ve come across early during the early stages of your search, and you passed on it simply because you want to look at more options. But for some reason, you find yourself going back to it when you’re comparing other homes you’ve viewed.

If so, it might be a sign that this particular house is actually the right one for you. Since you’ve seen other options, you know exactly how this one stacks up, which allows you to make a more confident, well-informed decision.

It’s easy to imagine yourself living there

You’re already thinking about furniture arrangements, planning movie nights in the living room, or envisioning dinner parties at the patio. If the thought of living there already excites you, then it’s a good sign that you’ve found the right home.

It meets all your key requirements

While the home might not check off every single item on your “wants” list, it has all the basic requirements, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the space you need. Perhaps it doesn’t have that terrace you’ve been looking forward to, but you realize it’s not that important after all, since you can build one eventually if you really want it.

These sudden urges to be flexible about particular features (or lack thereof) are a great sign that you’ve found the perfect place.

You find yourself “defending” the property

Getting defensive when talking about negative aspects of a particular home can be a good indication that you’ve found the right property. It’s as if you’re already considering it your home. Your agent could point out some flaws, and you’re already thinking about how it won’t be a big deal, or looking for ways to remedy those issues.

You love the neighborhood

Keep in mind that you can change or improve many things in a home, but you can’t exactly change the neighborhood it’s in. Whether or not a home’s location matches your wants and needs is a big factor, so if you find a home in a neighborhood that you absolutely love, it might be the right time to make an offer.

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