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Tips for House-Hunting Online

Online house hunting

Online house hunting has never been easier. The numerous resources freely available on the internet allow you to explore homes for sale in areas like Ewing, Lawrence, and Pennington in NJ through immersive virtual tours. These digital tools are now among your best options for finding a new place that you can call home here. You can also compare similar properties in real time and research mortgage options. 

Just follow these tips below on how to house-hunt online with ease.

Create a list

Determining the parameters of your search is a good starting point. What features are must-haves? What price range works for you? What kind of community do you want to live in? 

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, start preparing questions for every property that catches your fancy. This way, you can get all the information you need before you tour the property, virtually or otherwise.

Partner with a real estate agent

While the available resources already provide a lot of information, there are several insights into houses for sale in Pennington, Lawrence, and Ewing, NJ that only an experienced agent knows. They can share with you the local knowledge about the neighborhood and point out important considerations such as proximity to schools or the unique quirks of the home. 

Doing your own research while working with a Realtor is a recipe for house-hunting success as they can guide you throughout the entire process. 

Attend virtual tours

Virtual tours, once a unique tool offered by a handful of sellers and agents, is now the primary way for buyers to first experience a property. This online tool allows you to get a feel for the property by providing a view of every angle of the home, simulating what it would be like if you were really viewing the home in person. 

Virtual tours may be in the form of a 3D video or photos that you can navigate, or it can be conducted live by the seller or agent through video calls. During live virtual tours, make sure to have your questions and critical eye ready as this is an opportunity to know more about the home that the online listing may not have disclosed. 

Final reminders

How the house feels, which you can get a sense of through the virtual tour and in conversations with the seller and your agent, is an important factor. You may encounter options that, originally, might not fit your criteria but eventually surprised and resonated with you. These are definitely worth reconsidering.

Remember also that you are not just buying the house itself but its location, as well. Make sure to properly check if the neighborhood suits your needs.

At the end of the day, no property listing is complete. While the variety of online tools allow you to get a sense of the market and refine your vision of your dream home, the expertise of a real estate agent is still indispensable.

The professionals of David DePaola & Company Real Estate have intimate knowledge of every house for sale in Ewing, Pennington, and Lawrence, NJ. You can consult and coordinate with us as you go on your house-hunting endeavor. Call us at 609.883.4161 or email david(at)depaola(dotted)com.