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Why you need a real estate agent

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It’s certainly possible to buy or sell a house on your own. On the DIY selling end, the real estate term for this is for-sale-by-owner or FSBO. While you can save money on some fees and the agent’s commission, the road you are about to tread can become rough and challenging, with the tendency to be blindsided by errors made along the way.

However, when you have an industry professional by your side, you’ll be armed with inside information on the neighborhood and the local real estate market, among many other advantages. This information is your key to making a solid and compelling offer. This particularly comes into play when a fast-moving deal comes your way.

Real estate agents also bring value for their expertise in putting your best interests forward in a variety of negotiation scenarios.

Here are more reasons why hiring an agent could be the best decision you’ll ever make in your real estate transaction.

  1. You won’t miss important details.

    According to Zillow’s 2019 Consumer Housing Trends Report, 24% of buyers didn’t completely understand everything they signed when they bought their house. With loads of market data and legal jargon to absorb, there’s the tendency to miss out on or misinterpret certain details if there’s no one to help in explaining and pointing out these terms.

    This is where the value of an agent comes in. They are the ones capable of shedding light on these terms in layman’s language and effectively communicating these to you. This way, you’ll always know what you’re getting yourself into whenever you sign on the dotted line.

  2. You can flag issues that didn’t even cross your mind.

    When shopping for houses for sale in Ewing or in other areas of New Jersey, you’ll most likely have a good idea of what you want and need to see in it – from the number of bedrooms to the presence of a spacious backyard for your dream garden.

    However, water and other leakage problems may not be apparent from the get-go. Issues with electrical installations may pose a hazard in the future. Having an agent by your side means you can flag these technical issues that you may not have factored in.

    The seller may pull off an impressive showing and have you so close to committing, but an agent’s years of insight and experience can save you from a potentially bad deal.

  3. You won’t have to worry about meeting your timeline.

    For most sellers, sticking to a preferred timeline is often the ideal situation. When you’re selling a home to afford a bigger home for a growing family, you’d want the transaction to conclude as soon as possible.

    Zillow also noted in its 2019 report that 56% of surveyed sellers cited time frame concerns when selling their home. Additionally, 51% said that timing the sale with the purchase of a new home was one of the top stressors.

    An agent can weed out uncommitted buyers, prepare for home showings (virtual and/or in-person), and get all crucial documents signed to meet your key dates.

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