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Working Remotely? Here’s How to Create the Perfect Productivity Boosting Space

New Style Mini Home Office Working Remotely

The home office: what once used to be luxury has become a necessity for many in the country, especially in the light of this COVID-19 pandemic. As many potential buyers navigate through online listings for homes for sale in beautiful NJ neighborhoods like Pennington, Ewing, and Lawrence, they now include space for an office as part of their criteria. 

With the line between home and work blurred, designing the right space suitable for your daily grind can make a massive difference in efficiency and satisfaction. Below are some tips to help you transform your office into a productivity hub.

Determine your style and purpose

Setting greatly affects your disposition. Having a clear idea of your work requirements and your personal work ethic will influence how you design your space and where you set it up. For instance, if your job requires you to be on video calls often, you may need a dedicated room where you will be undisturbed. A desk in a common area, such as at a well-lit corner of the living room, may be more apt if you need to keep an eye on kids, as well. 

Prepare your supplies and equipment

Ensure a smooth workflow by having all the supplies and equipment you need to accomplish your tasks. Nothing slows down momentum than having to worry about mundane details such as the availability of office supplies or the accessibility of electric sockets. Reference materials, if applicable to your field, should be within easy reach, as well.

Design with health in mind

Spending many hours sitting at your desk can take a toll on your health. Thus, make sure you keep your comfort and well-being in check. Invest in a good chair that can support your back throughout the day and a sturdy desk with sufficient height and legroom. 

Bring in a bit of nature to help refresh the mind! You can do so by placing your workspace by a window for a dose of sunlight during the day. Indoor plants can also act as both décor and health booster in the room. 

Evade clutter and distractions 

Your space reflects your state of mind—an organized desk breeds organized thinking. Keep your space tidy by making use of horizontal and vertical spaces for storage, with all your supplies systematically kept for effortless retrieval. 

As an area dedicated to work, your office should be free of recreational distractions like the TV, game consoles, or gym equipment. 

Personalize your space

Every house for sale in Ewing, Pennington, and Lawrence, NJ often has the same basic structure as most other homes. What distinguishes each one is the unique style of its owner. Whether personalizing means displaying photos of loved ones or keeping the area minimalist, it is important to work within a space that inspires you. Doing so works wonders on the mood and creative thinking.

Designing the optimal home office begins with finding the perfect home among the variety of houses for sale in Pennington, Lawrence, and Ewing, NJ. We at David DePaola & Company Real Estate have the expertise and commitment to help you find the property that suits your needs. You may reach us at 609.883.4161 or through our contact page.