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Realtor hand giving keys to new house owner

What are the steps in a real estate transaction?

The processes in a real estate transaction are different depending on whether you are the buyer or seller. Certain steps need to be taken by various parties at different stages to complete the sale of a house or condo. These parties includ...

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Calculator pen book and a miniature house

The hidden costs of owning a home

Buying a new house or condo comes with a substantial investment on any buyer's part. The actual downpayment and the mortgage itself is what most buyers have in mind when thinking about buying a home. However, pause for a moment and consider...

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Smiling married couple

Buying a home in your 20s – likely or unlikely?

It's no secret that home prices have gone up significantly since baby boomers held sway. This continuing trend, not to mention the effect of the pandemic on soaring house prices, has influenced the decisions of younger millennials (aged 25 ...

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Preferred businessman

Telltale signs that you should find a new agent

Chances are, you won’t experience issues working with professional agents or Realtors. A professional who prides themselves on top-tier services leaves little room for mistakes. Unfortunately, there will be a few bad apples lurking in the...

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a laptop and a coffee on the table

Advertising words that sell homes quickly

While it’s true that a visually appealing listing gets the homebuyers’ attention, the power of words will lure them in. After all, they will want more information about the listing before deciding to schedule a visit. Compose an effe...

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How to sell a home in a seller’s market

The median list price of homes for sale in the New Jersey real estate market continues to trend up year over year, and it's worth expecting a seller's market in some areas. The median list price of houses for sale in Ewing, NJ, in particula...

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Home Selling Guide: Counteroffers Explained

As the seller, you can make a real estate counter offer if you’re dissatisfied with the buyer’s first bid. Countering an offer typically means that you accept the buyer's offer on the condition of one or more changes to the sales price,...

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